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Customers take advantage of free BT Wi-fi in Tesco stores across the UK and Republic of Ireland

Wi-fi helps shoppers get online


As part of the partnership, Tesco will use superfast BT Wi-fi service where available to boost stores’ bandwidth up to 76Mbps, to give customers an even better online experience.

BT Wi-fi provides shoppers with the connectivity they increasingly expect. It also creates a platform for Tesco to further bring the in-store and online shopping experiences closer together for the benefit of its customers.


TescoWe were the first supermarket in the UK to offer free wi-fi and the first to launch online shopping. We’re now bringing these innovations together to put our customers in control with a better, simpler, service that provides more value than ever before.”
- Matt Dearsley, Head of Technical Services Programmes,Tesco

Fast Facts


  • 44 per cent of people use wi-fi in shops to browse items or compare prices
  • BT Wi-fi superfast service will boost Tesco stores’ bandwidth up to 76Mbps
  • Customers simply select ‘Tesco Wi-fi’ or ‘BT’ on their smartphones or tablets
  • Tesco has rolled out the free service to 806 stores in the UK and 113 stores in the Republic of Ireland
  • BT operates the UK’s largest wi-fi network , with more than five million hotspots


Staying connected


Connectivity is an increasingly important part of the customer experience. From retailing to banking, customers expect the same connectivity on the move as they get in their homes or workplaces.


Know your customers


The BT Wi-fi partnership with Tesco gives customers the connectivity they expect. Wi-fi is a great way to attract more customers through your doors and get to know them better.

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