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Ciber partners with BT for cloud-based education to 200,000 students in the Netherlands

Private cloud infrastructure assures security


Part of the Malmberg e-learning platform hosted by Ciber delivers hundreds of courses to hundreds of thousands of students across the Netherlands. But, increasingly complex and difficult to maintain, it was also coming under frequent DDoS attacks. Gijs Hanson, service manager at Ciber, was feeling the pressure to innovate.

He found an ally in BT and used the BT Private Compute service to create an internet-based private cloud infrastructure with powerful in-built security features. Assuring availability, not only were the threats defeated but Gijs was also able to increase e-learning application performance and reliability.


CiberBy using BT Private Compute, we can provide high service and security levels to Malmberg and the students they serve. Equally important, it means we can quickly scale to meet new demands.”
– Gijs Hanson, Service Manager, Ciber Inc.

Fast facts


  • Ciber helps its customers harness the power of cloud computing for competitive advantage
  • Ciber supports Malmberg by hosting 10 critical educational apps and managing around 40 others
  • In one year Malmberg fell prey to six DDoS attacks; disrupting student learning
  • Ciber and BT now deliver secure e-learning using BT Private Compute for 25 virtualised applications
  • Malmberg students and teachers now enjoy high-performance e-learning


Inherently secure platform


BT Private Compute provides Ciber and Malmberg with virtualised cloud-ready infrastructure incorporating compute, storage and backup, as well as inbuilt security resources like firewalling, load balancing, DDoS mitigation and SSL offloading.


Flexible and dependable


BT Private Compute matches performance requirements with students’ online demands. For example, in the morning when thousands of students simultaneously access applications, the BT platform self-flexes to avoid possible outages associated with boot storms.


Inbuilt protection against DDoS attack


The BT Private Compute solution protects Malmberg applications against DDoS attacks, as well as a variety of other nuisances. Inbuilt DDoS mitigation continuously monitors all data traffic. If an attack is detected, data is automatically re-routed and scrubbed clean.


Fast Ethernet connectivity


BT Private Compute also provides fast Ethernet connectivity to the internet. Rich e-learning applications open instantly, meaning students and teachers get to work fast.

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