BT is helping ABB collaborate worldwide, connecting more than 700 locations in over 100 countries

Improved application performance and better security


BT is supporting ABB, a world leader in power and automation, in the transformation and management of its global communications infrastructure across Europe, the Americas, Africa, the Middle East and Asia Pacific. ABB will also benefit from improved application performance and additional IT security.

The services are covered by a global contract designed to improve collaboration, innovation and business transformation for ABB in more than 100 countries. As part of a major transformation project, ABB required a single global partner to provide, standardise and manage network related services around the world.


ABBThe alignment with BT will enable us to move to a globally-consistent, high-quality network”
- Andy Tidd, Chief Information Officer, ABB

Fast facts


  • Single partner needed to provide, standardise and manage network services globally
  • BT services connect more than 700 ABB locations in 100+ countries
  • Includes management of 400 firewalls and BT Assure Cyber protection
  • Enables 140,000 ABB employees to work more securely with a standardised user experience
  • Foundation for future ABB use of cloud services


Globally consistent infrastructure


For most organisations the network is at the heart of the business. For ABB the global network infrastructure designed by BT will connect users to data and applications stored in the company’s hybrid cloud, creating a globally consistent, high quality infrastructure.


Accelerating data and applications for a better user experience


BT Connect Applications can help you get more from your network investment. BT Connect Acceleration can improve the performance of business applications across global networks by up to 200 times, while reducing network bandwidth demands by up to 60 per cent. Meanwhile, BT Connect Optimisation helps prioritise business critical applications and manage non-business critical traffic over the WAN and the internet, reducing cost and application downtime.


Protecting against cyber attack


BT Assure Cyber weighs up the risk from a would-be attack, which frees analysts to focus on the things that matter most. The service also picks up anomalies that might otherwise slip through the cracks. For example, investigating unusual data transfers or login activity, to see if the system is facing a persistent threat.


Managed LAN consistency around the world


Available in all the regions in which we operate, BT LAN Connect Global provides the foundation for all communications at your sites. And when your LAN is designed, delivered and managed by BT, it leaves you free to concentrate on your core business.

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