SPD delivers a great customer experience and a 30 per cent cost saving with BT Cloud Contact

Great customer care is top priority for reproductive health leader SPD. But when Rebecca Tan wanted to answer growing numbers of customers from mainland Europe and Scandinavia in their own languages, her UK contact centre technology began to creak.

That’s when BT introduced her to BT Cloud Contact. Now, one neat package takes care of all her customer contact needs. It’s fast and simple to DIY-manage, change and expand.

Customers are happy: they always go straight through to someone with the right product know-how and language skills. And Rebecca’s happy because pay-as-you-go has cut her bills by almost a third.

As well as improved responsiveness, moving to the BT Cloud Contact platform has saved us 30 per cent on our annual bills compared to the previous solution.”
- Rebecca Tan, Customer Care Manager SPD


SPD is a world leader in the research, design, production, and supply of advanced consumer diagnostic products. Its brands such as Clearblue and PERSONA are familiar in many countries, trusted for their accuracy and simplicity by women keen to know more about their own reproductive health. SPD was formed in 2007 as a joint venture between Procter & Gamble and Inverness Medical Innovations (IMI). The company is headquartered in Geneva, Switzerland, with R&D and support facilities in Bedford in the UK.

A call centre had existed at the SPD site in Bedford since 1996 when PERSONA, a revolutionary product using detection of fertility hormones as a contraceptive regime, was launched. Together with post-market support for existing Clearblue ovulation and pregnancy tests, this would generate query levels that a simple phone number on the carton and paper records could not handle.

Rebecca Tan, Customer Care Manager at SPD, recalls: “We implemented an ACD system for our care lines; with database software to record and analyse queries for post market surveillance, a regulatory requirement, and for product development purposes.”

The contact centre quickly expanded to cover markets in Ireland, Italy, Germany, Austria, France, Holland, Belgium, Switzerland, Spain, and Nordics. An IVR system was introduced to manage simple queries. Rebecca Tan states: “The number of languages we had to deal with was increasing and it was getting slow and costly to make changes to the IVR.”

Discovering that call recording equipment for monitoring purposes was either very simplistic and manual, or beyond the budget of SPD, the company wanted a solution that would integrate everything – IVR, call recording, call routing, and reporting – into a single easy-to-use package that could be updated by SPD themselves.


When Rebecca Tan attended a BT Cloud Contact seminar, the ideal answer for SPD was right there in front of her eyes.

Hosted by BT – and offering a comprehensive range of features – Cloud Contact is available on simple pay-as-you-go commercial terms. This means customers are only billed for what they actually need and use. A wide range of options is available ranging from basic telephony-based agent service right through to full multimedia, multichannel capabilities. Powered by the Enghouse Interactive unified virtual contact centre platform, Cloud Contact can be used as a standalone system or integrated into existing contact centre architectures.

“The fact that we did not have to make big up-front investments in hardware and software was very attractive,” notes Rebecca Tan.

The joint SPD BT team tested everything before the Cloud Contact system went live so that, when the time came, it was simply a matter of transferring the lines to the new platform. “The change programme was managed very well,” continues Rebecca Tan. “We had weekly telephone meetings with the BT Cloud Contact team, all issues were logged and attended to with defined ownership, and we were kept informed of what was going on.” BT business hours telephone support now provides access direct to Enghouse Interactive specialists should that be necessary.

The SPD business model uses around 40 product-specific care lines and information line numbers in the European markets it serves. Arriving at the BT Cloud Contact platform in Bedford, calls over these lines are routed to agents with the right language skills while an IVR front-end ensures that the agent has the right product knowledge too. High priority calls, such as those from pharmacists, are routed direct to an agent by skirting the IVR. Although mainly used for post-market queries, the option exists to quote information line numbers in low-to-medium volume SPD sales campaigns.

Because it is IP-based, the BT Cloud Contact platform extends the customer domain deep into the SPD support structure. So, for example, at the click of a mouse an agent can bring a product specialist onto the call to assist.


The nature of SPD products means that the majority of calls for assistance are received in the morning when self-testing takes place. The contact centre is therefore open from 07.00 to 15.00 daily. Call recording and call monitoring put powerful training and quality control facilities in the hands of supervisors.

BT Cloud Contact makes SPD a very agile organisation. Verity Beaton, a Product Specialist at SPD, explains: “With BT Cloud Contact everything is web-based and self-service, which means that we can do our own reconfiguration work quickly and without fuss in one day or less. So, for example, we can adjust look up tables if we install a new line in a particular country. Similarly, we can change our IVR scripts and structures and re-record our messages as necessary. We have ultimate control, and our time is our only extra cost.”

The possibilities opened up for SPD by its adoption of the BT Cloud Contact platform are immense. For example, its call recording facilities have enabled SPD to use its agents to make outbound calls to people taking part in clinical trials, improving new product development processes and speeding time to market. IVR-based customer satisfaction surveys are another new idea, and SPD is looking at agent web chat down the line.

“We now have a flexible and adaptable multilingual contact centre platform that will stretch as we grow, and meet our business needs well into the future,” concludes Rebecca Tan.

Core Services

  • BT Cloud Contact powered by Enghouse Interactive – pay-as-you-go unified virtual contact centre platform; offering comprehensive options from basic telephony-based agent service right through to full multimedia, multichannel capabilities
  • BT Professional Services for project management and transition
  • BT business hours telephone support and maintenance service