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Grupo Konecta adopts BT Cloud Contact and BT IP Connect global for flexible customer service and 25 per cent cost saving

Grupo Konecta has grown by leaps and bounds. However, as new companies joined the group, the headaches got bigger for Miguel Ángel de Manuel. Each arrived with its own legacy IT infrastructure, call centre, and customer data. That was a barrier to achieving international teamwork and offering great client service.

Today, BT IP Connect and BT Cloud Contact help everyone work together worldwide. Konecta is thriving. Clients are too. And Miguel’s sure the platform provides the security and flexibility he needs for the future, at an affordable price.

We used to have 15 call centre platforms in Spain, each with its own infrastructure. With BT we’ve been able to rationalise those platforms and expand internationally.”
- Miguel Ángel de Manuel, CIO, Grupo Konecta
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Global IP platform drives business efficiency


This video features Miguel Ángel de Manuel, CIO at Konecta, and Mario Reiter, IT Services Sector Sales Director at BT Spain, describing the value of a virtual contact centre systems integration project and the underlying BT-provided IP Connect MPLS-based network.



Founded in 1999, Grupo Konecta leads the Spanish business process outsourcing market. The company is headquartered in Madrid and employs nearly 12,000 people across 21 centres from Argentina to Colombia and Portugal to the UK. It provides outsourcing, marketing, recruitment, and training services on a global basis. It has more than 400 clients across the finance, insurance, services, health, telecommunications, and public sectors, and annual sales of around €250 million.

Grupo Konecta has grown largely through merger and acquisition. Each added company invariably brought with it a different IT architecture and a legacy call centre.

That history created two serious issues. First, in terms of the customer services supported, each platform was a silo. This made it difficult for Grupo Konecta to offer a single, global menu of services or respond easily to new customer needs. Secondly, multiple suppliers made anticipated economies of scale and operational efficiency savings hard to achieve, while the technical support burden continued to grow.

Grupo Konecta ended up with 15 disparate call centres in Spain, with another one abroad. Miguel Ángel de Manuel, CIO at Grupo Konecta, recalls: “We needed a single virtual platform to provide services independently of location and optimise our use of resources. At the same time, we wanted to plan for future growth by working with a global service provider offering excellent support and high levels of security and resilience.”


Konecta is a committed early adopter of new technology. Seeking an approach that would allow it to compete successfully in today’s global services market while catering for future growth, the company had already recognised the potential benefits of using IP in its call centres. When BT and Konecta got together, there was an immediate meeting of minds. “We appreciate the business-based approach that BT adopts,” says Miguel Ángel de Manuel. “It only recommends services that will help improve our market position.”

BT proposed a global multi-protocol label switching (MPLS) network to interconnect existing Konecta platforms and deliver a vastly improved level of service. The BT IP Connect MPLS network allows mixed media such as voice and data to move reliably and securely between multiple sites over a single network. Along with the IP Connect network, Konecta chose BT Cloud Contact. This brings together technologies such as ACD, IVR, voice recording, and data storage on a single IP-based contact centre platform.

“For a contact centre business, voice is the most important application, so IP telephony forms the nucleus of the solution,” explains Mario Reiter, IT Services Sector Sales Director at BT España. “Contact centre software applications are hosted by BT, and other applications such as email are also provided by BT in the cloud.”

Professional services staff from BT Spain assisted with vital roles such as project management, systems integration, implementation, and commissioning.


The BT Cloud Contact architecture and the underpinning IP Connect network are being introduced in stages, with consolidation already complete for all locations in Spain. In the next phase Grupo Konecta plans to complete connection to the MPLS network of recently added contact centres in Argentina, Chile, Colombia, Mexico, Morocco, Portugal, and the UK.

Furthermore, the BT technology allows the company to improve its time to market. Miguel de Ángel de Manuel says: “The BT IP Connect network lets us distribute our services across different countries with the security and resilience we need. The BT solution is also scalable and allows us greater flexibility in capacity increases, which leads to cost savings.”

In fact, the new IP Connect network has already strongly demonstrated value for money. Consolidating network support has enabled the company to reduce its infrastructure costs. Meanwhile, because the BT solution is managed through a single point of contact, Konecta is saving time and effort.

Miguel Ángel de Manuel concludes: “Quantifying the benefits is difficult but we estimate we have reduced costs by 25 per cent. Moreover, thanks to the virtual contact centre project, we have made our services more flexible and integrated them with those of our customers.”

Core Services

  • BT IP Connect global MPLS-based network
  • BT Cloud Contact incorporating ACD, IVR, voice recording, and storage services
  • BT Advise professional services for project management and implementation
  • BT hosted contact centre software applications with email services in the cloud