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Global customer service in the cloud


Watch this video to learn how BT Advise Contact consultants helped devise a strategy to unify Banco Sabadell’s contact centres into a single infrastructure with a BT Cloud Contact solution, in alignment with the bank’s international expansion plans to more closely integrate client-facing operations for domestic and global customers.


Banco Sabadell is the fourth largest financial services group in Spain. It offers comprehensive services to companies, professionals, and individuals through 2,300 offices and a number of sub-branded banks and related companies located throughout the country and in international financial centres. As part of its commitment to customer service, the group needed to unify its existing contact centre infrastructure to more closely integrate client-facing operations across its domestic and global customer base.

The chosen solution would reflect the appetite for innovation intrinsic to Banco Sabadell. It would need to transform primarily voice-based and geographically-disparate call centres into a single virtual multichannel service capable of managing voice, email, web chat, and social networking interactions, all at once. In so doing, it would provide Banco Sabadell with a 360° view of its customers across those different channels. Finally, it would need to accommodate future modules and features, while having the scalability and flexibility to cope with planned business expansion.


BT Advise Contact (the contact centre consultancy arm of BT Global Services) proposed a comprehensive BT Cloud Contact solution. This included automatic call distribution (ACD), interactive voice response (IVR), management of voice, email, and social networking contacts, intelligent routing, computer telephony integration (CTI), multichannel customer relationship management (CRM), voice recording, and workforce management (WFM).

All those IP-based services are delivered from within the cloud, and are seamlessly integrated with BT international and domestic inbound and outbound services. The BT IP Connect global network platform underpins this and allows customer service offices to be integrated within the contact centres.

“BT Advise Contact worked with us to devise a strategy to consolidate our contact centres into a single cloud-based solution,” says Vinyet Bravo, Direct Operations Director at Banco Sabadell. “The ability to integrate modular functionality such as ACD and multichannel CRM as part of the service was a key attribute. The flexibility to instantly adapt to our growth needs was another critical factor.”

The BT Cloud Contact project, which was overseen and managed by the BT Advise Contact team, has created a multichannel virtual contact centre making optimal use of agents distributed over multiple sites. A dashboard with real time customised reports provides unified management, with a centralised view across the global contact centre estate, while a 24x7 support model offers assured service levels.


BT Global Services as a worldwide business service provider has allowed Banco Sabadell to define and progressively execute a contact centre strategy fully aligned with its international expansion plans. In particular, the involvement of BT Advise Contact has enabled rapid cost optimisation, fast service transition, and zero business disruption. It has done this through its unparalleled strategic vision allied to a deep knowledge of the needs of different Banco Sabadell business units.

Furthermore, the ability of BT Advise Contact to combine different features and functionalities within a single robust and reliable solution enables an end-to-end management service, with BT as a single point of contact. A universal inbound calling queue means that Banco Sabadell can efficiently manage customer enquiries, and offer consistent service levels and multi-language customer interactions, right across the globe.

Vinyet Bravo sums up: “We particularly value the quality and worldwide capability of the BT Advise Contact professional services team for both initial deployment and the subsequent maintenance of the service.”

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