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BT hosted contact centre solution makes outsourcer more flexible in serving its customers’ demands

CALL & CALL Group contact centres outsource customer service, back office activities and telemarketing campaigns for clients. Christian Orlandi faced the task of upgrading the company’s technology platform to offer new channels to end users.

With help from BT, Christian designed an advanced contact centre architecture delivered without business disruption. Hosted by BT, it means agents can seamlessly interact with counterparties irrespective of the channel they choose to use. Better still, it’s enabling pro-active interactions to transform customer service from a cost centre to a revenue generation opportunity.


Offering inbound customer handling and outbound telesales, Milan-based CALL & CALL Group is the leading provider of outsourced contact centre services in Italy. Operating in both business-to-business and business-to-consumer segments, it has 2,700 full-time agents in a network of six contact centres across the country.

As Call & Call Group well knows, today voice is not the only way for a company to reach or be reached by consumers. CRM is increasingly a multichannel affair. A customer interaction nowadays might involve a telephone call, a web chat session, an SMS message, an email exchange, a social network posting – or a combination of two or more of those modes.

“We needed to update our infrastructure to more effectively support multichannel interactions to meet the growing complexity of our customers’ needs,” explains Christian Orlandi, IT Manager at CALL & CALL Group. “Moreover, we wanted to expand the breadth of services we offer – for example, leveraging existing consumer relationships to drive more sales opportunities.”


The relationship between CALL & CALL Group and BT Global Services dates back to 2006, when BT was chosen to provide a wide area network (WAN) between the company’s contact centres. Delighted with the assured reliability and high service levels of that BT MPLS-based network, Call & Call Group expanded the engagement to include voice services and support of the contact centre platform.

However, with the BT contract up for renewal, CALL & CALL Group went to the market for a solution to strengthen its ability to support multichannel customer interactions. The choice came down to BT and another leading service provider. “We chose to stay with BT because it put forward the best solution for upgrading our contact centre platform while minimising business impact,” says Christian Orlandi. “We trust BT for its skills, speed of response, and high service standards.”

A BT Advise professional services team helped CALL & CALL Group completely overhaul the design of its contact centre platform. This involved migrating from a legacy voice-over-IP system to a more flexible and advanced architecture using session initiation protocol (SIP).

Hosted at the BT data centre in Milan, this BT Onsite Contact solution operates in a fully virtualized environment. Using VMware technology, six racks of physical servers have been consolidated onto virtual machines running on blade servers for an 80 per cent reduction in space requirements.

“This helps us lower our energy costs and promote environmental sustainability, while giving us the flexibility to react quickly to changing market conditions and new customer requirements,” says Christian Orlandi. Furthermore, a fully redundant configuration offers CALL & CALL Group business continuity in the unlikely event of a major security incident.

Inbound and outbound telephony services use BT One Voice, with 24 primary circuits offering a total of 720 channels, enabling over 500 agents to work simultaneously. A BT IP Connect network links the six contact centres to the main data centre at speed between 20Mbps and 100Mbps, depending on their sizes, with diverse routing for assured availability. Over that WAN, traffic can be transferred between the contact centres to optimise agent workloads and handle peaks in demand.


By enabling unified communications, the use of SIP means all 2,700 CALL & CALL Group agents can engage with customers over the channel of their choice. “Thanks to the BT Onsite Contact solution’s open architecture, we can offer comprehensive services to our customers,” explains Christian Orlandi, “and I know I can trust BT to help us connect with anybody anywhere.”

The changeover to the new BT Onsite Contact hosted solution was carefully planned by a joint team consisting of BT Advise and CALL & CALL Group people. It was achieved with no business disruption. “Despite BT being a big multinational company,” says Christian, “I still enjoy the privilege of being served by a local team that offers a single point of contact and acts like a small professional practice.”

In this new multichannel world CALL & CALL Group is often asked to integrate its CRM systems with clients’ back office systems, no matter where they are on the globe. “The relationship with a customer or with a prospect has a lot of hidden value,” concludes Christian Orlandi. “We’re now helping extract this value by transforming the contact centre from a cost centre into a revenue generation centre.”

Core Services

  • BT IP Connect
  • BT One Voice
  • BT Onsite Contact hosted in BT data centre
  • BT Advise Contact
  • BT Compute