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Part of the Kingfisher Group, Screwfix is a major supplier of tools, plumbing and electrical equipment, bathrooms and kitchens. As well as having over 270 retail trade counter outlets it has a thriving online and catalogue business, dispatching thousands of parcels each week to tradesmen, handymen and serious DIY enthusiasts all over the UK.

Everything was so complicated

Screwfix wanted a flexible, future proofed contact centre and communications solution that would enable it to react quickly to customer affecting challenges

Screwfix was finding that its existing contact centre and communication system was very difficult to manage. Paul Wills, MI Lead for Screwfix, says: “You needed to be a brain surgeon to work on our old system. It was very complicated to make routing and scripting changes and required help from our IT department; nothing could be done quickly.”

Furthermore, existing systems were reaching end of life and support and also had very limited disaster recovery capability. Meanwhile, at head office, limitations with the current platform meant that only employees above a certain grade were provided with voicemail.

Following a vendor review, BT iNet was selected as the chosen partner because of its consultative approach and the linking of its proposed solution to the business challenges. A strong BT relationship with Kingfisher was a further factor, as group-wide technology compatibility was important.

So much more can now be done

With a new Cisco®-based contact centre in place, Paul and the team can now respond to business needs more quickly. Outbound dialling campaigns can now be loaded into the system, enabling outbound calls to be presented to contact centre agents as inbound calls.

If a delivery has been delayed or there are logistics problems Screwfix can now proactively call customers in advance to explain the situation, minimising the impact as much as possible. Marketing data for customers that haven’t placed an order for a long time, or who have only ever placed a single order, can be imported into the contact centre system enabling Screwfix agents to proactively contact those customers again. Results and feedback from the calls are reviewed by the organisation to help with future business planning and strategy.

Easier to manage

The management of the system is now much easier and the telecoms team can do so much more in-house without having to involve the IT department. Changes to announcements on the IVR system can be made in minutes, so when Screwfix staff were unable to get to work because of snow an announcement was added to the system explaining that it might take a little longer than usual to get through. Simple changes to announcements about opening times, such as at Bank Holiday periods are now managed in-house and delivered in a very short time frame.

Screwfix also take calls for other businesses within the Kingfisher Group and the setting up and routing of telemarketing numbers to the contact centre is now all handled by Paul’s team. What used to take a week can now be done in a few hours.

Planning for the unexpected

If the contact centre was out of action for whatever reason, the loss of revenue to the business would be considerable. The new system has enabled Screwfix to formalise a disaster recovery plan should there be a problem at its contact centre building.

Contact centre agents can now log in at desks in the nearby headquarters building with customer calls routed seamlessly to the agents’ new location with no impact at all on sales or service.

Paul Wills concludes: “We now have a system that will evolve with us over the next five to seven years and we’re already planning how to make further use of the advanced features that the platform supports going forward.”

Core Services

  • Cisco-based on premise contact centre solution, delivered and supported by BT iNet, a Cisco certified Gold Partner