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In a fiercely-competitive marketplace, service innovation doesn’t have to come at a price

New app boosts courier productivity and customer satisfaction


Online purchasing sets high consumer expectations. And express delivery plays a vital role in meeting them. So Emanuele Sibilia, chief technology officer, imagined a paperless, high-speed company. Delivering value-added customer services, operational efficiencies would offset the investment.

BT Advise professional services helped Emanuele design an innovative driver app and equip the company’s mobile workforce with state-of-the-art handsets. Now, GPS localisation means customers can see where their parcels are in real time. Packages arrive with pinpoint accuracy. Couriers are more productive, while back office costs have reduced. Customer satisfaction is soaring and Sogetras can keep prices low to fend-off the competition.


BannerBT Advise acted as an end-to-end technology consultancy. That greatly helped me to rapidly deploy the best solution for our mobile workforce.”
- Emanuele Sibilia, Chief Technology Officer, Sogetras S.p.A.

Fast Facts


  • BT Advise engaged to help develop paperless field service operation
  • 6 months to specify the architecture, choose suppliers and deploy 1,500 smart devices
  • 120,000 parcels a day delivered across Italy
  • Automation halved administration tasks
  • Proof of delivery available online in real time


Building on an existing partnership


When Sogetras needed help developing a paperless field service it was natural to turn to BT, the company already engaged for application server hosting.


True consultancy encourages innovation


Helping Sogetras evaluate the options and implement the best fit solution in just months, BT Advise professional services acted as true consultants.


Improved service with offset investment gives competitive advantage

New driver app improves delivery accuracy and efficiency as well as back-office savings with instant payback. Customer satisfaction is soaring giving Sogetras an edge in a very competitive market.

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