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Let's Talk Global Edition - issue 3 - BT in the Middle East and Africa

Connecting you with facts and insight to help you discover new possibilities.

Welcome to the BT Let's Talk Global Edition. Our free, bi-monthly e-zine aims to equip your organisation with the insight to understand and thrive in a world shaped by technology and driven by communications. With over 30 years' experience delivering cost-effective and efficient global networked solutions, we get to the heart of the issues which are influencing your organisation.

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In Issue 3 ‘Bringing the Cloud of Clouds to life’, we explore:

  • Seizing the opportunities in the cloud
  • Turning technology into success
  • The science of sound
  • The Autonomous Customer
  • The technology behind the performance, Williams Racing
  • A butterfly flaps its wings
  • Profile of Guido Albertini, CIO, Comune di Milano
  • A profile of James Sandell, Group IT delivery director, RSA
Lets Talk magazine - screenshots from edition 3: bringing the Cloud of Clouds to life

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