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Guiding the journey to Cloud

Thinking about how cloud might help transform your organisation? You're not alone.

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Of 1,000 European organisations interviewed:

6 out of 10 believe cloud can help solve their toughest business challenges.

Nearly 50% of large enterprises will have cloud deployments by the end of 2017.

But migrating to cloud requires confidence and expertise

43% see security & compliance as a key concern

32% believe a lack of internal skills is limiting their success

So what’s needed?

9 out of 10 would value a partner who can advise on cloud strategy, carry out cloud migration and put the infrastructure in place

90% could see the benefit of end-to-end SLAs

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However, there’s no one-size-fits all, we all want different things from the cloud...

Competitive differentiation

Cost reduction and control

Disrupt existing business models

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Many are looking to multiple clouds for the answer

Over 40% expect to manage a hybrid multi-cloud environment within two years

But are they making the most of the potential?

6 out of 10 are approaching the cloud with caution: tactical projects rather than transformation

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What if you had a partner to help you realise all the possibilities while keeping you firmly in control? A partner who could remove uncertainties, make it easier to move to the cloud and freely explore.

In short, a Cloud Service Integrator.









We have the network, the infrastructure and the know-how to put the possibilities in reach and keep organisations in control. We’re ready to open up all the cloud has to offer. Are you?

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Please note that all statistics referenced are taken from the Ovum/BT/Cisco research paper “Realising possibilities in the cloud: The need for a trusted broker”